Forensic Handwriting Expert & Questioned Document Examinations

Forensic Handwriting Expert & Questioned Document Examinations

Forensic Handwriting Expert & Questioned Document ExaminationsForensic Handwriting Expert & Questioned Document Examinations

My testimony experience, from 1993 to today, covers multiple forensic disciplines but my main focus is on my most recent experiences during the last fifteen years in Questioned Document Examination.

09/2003 Anoka County vs. Young; MN; Handwriting

10/2003 State vs. Martin; MN; Handwriting 

03/2005 State vs. Cobbins; MN; Handwriting

03/2006 State vs. Ganpat; MN; Handwriting 

03/2006 State vs. Forrester; MN; Handwriting 

05/2006 State vs. Kreuth; MN; Handwriting 

09/2007 Stearns County vs. Hull; MN; Handwriting; Indented Writing Impressions (Frye-Mack Hearing and Jury Trial) 

08/2011 Stearns County vs. Sherman; MN; Handwriting

01/2012 Hennepin County vs. Dozier; MN; Handwriting

01/2012 Chicago, IL; State Board of Elections; Handwriting

03/2013 Wright County vs. Rossberg; MN; Handwriting; Indented Writing Impressions; Paper Examinations

05/2013 Hennepin County/State/U.S. vs. Carlson; MN; Handwriting; Indented Impressions

06/2013 U.S. vs. Caela; Kansas; Handwriting (Defense)

06/2013 Washington County vs. Fox; MN; Handwriting (Defense)

04/2015 Johnson vs. DeMarce; N.D.; Handwriting; Indented Impressions

09/2015 Hennepin County vs. Orwig; MN; Handwriting

04/2016 Hill vs. Hill; Washington County, MN; Handwriting

12/2017 Estate of Peter Muscala; Handwriting

04/2018 Rachelle Jacob vs. Joel Mernik; Hennepin County, MN; Handwriting

05/2018 Hedberg Aggregates, Inc. vs. William R. Webber, Western WI, 7th District, Bankruptcy

03/2019 Estate of William Lyons vs. Scott Starfield, Washington County, MN; Handwriting

09/2019 Estate of James Daniel Renneker; Stearns County, MN; Handwriting

11/2019 Brown County vs. Ashanti Sitting Crow, New Ulm, MN; Handwriting (Defense)

01/2020 Egan vs. Egan, Hennepin County, MN; Handwriting

02/2020 Margot Prescott vs. Paul Morrison (Aerlig Capital, LLC); Handwriting; Indented Impressions; Altered Document Examinations

03/2020 Lisa Smit vs. Kyle Lusk, Scott County, MN; Handwriting; Indented Impressions; Altered Document Examinations


Certification & Organizations

  • American Board of Forensic Document Examiners (ABFDE)
    • Diplomate, Certification #342 - October 2006
    • Currently serving as Test Preparation & Validation Chair
    • Previously served as Vice President, Testing Committee Chair, Professional Review Committee Chair, Member on the Board of Directors, and Newsletter Editor

  • Academy Standards Board (ASB)
    • Currently serving as Forensic Document Subject Matter Expert

  • American Society of Questioned Document Examiners (ASQDE)
    • Provisional Member since 2006; Full Member since 2013
    • Currently serving as Program Chair for 2018 General Meeting
    • Currently served as Treasurer

  • Midwestern Assocation of Forensic Scientists (MAFS)
    • Member since 2000
    • Previously served as Co-Chairperson, Training & Education Committee Chair, Workshop Coordinator, QD Section Coordinator

  • Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC)
    • Administered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 
    • Serving as Sub Group Chair since 2014

  • Scientific Working Group for Forensic Document Examination (SWGDOC)
    • Member since 2013


Research & Publications

"Development of Individuality in Children's Handwriting"

Srihari, Sargur N., Lu Meng, and Lisa Hanson.  Journal of Forensic Sciences 61, no.5 (2016):  p. 1292-1300

"Studies in Individuality:  Can Students, Teachers and Schools Be Determined From Children's Handwriting?"

Srihari, Sargur N., Gang Chen, Zhen Xu, and Lisa Hanson.  Computational Forensics (2015) , p. 20-30.

"Development of Handwriting Individuality:  An Information-Theoretic Study"

Srihari, Sargur N., Zhen Xu, and Lisa Hanson.  Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition (ICFHR), 2014 14th International Conference, p. 601-606

"Probabilistic Modeling of Children's Handwriting"

Puri, Mukta, Sargur N. Srihari, and Lisa Hanson.  IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging, p. 902103. International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2013.


Grant Received from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) 

Award 2010-DN-BX-K212 

October 2010 

The award was given under an NIJ Fundamental Research Grant Program titled Improve Understanding of the Accuracy, Reliability, and Measurement Validity of Forensic Science Disciplines (FY2010).  Ms. Hanson’s research involved gathering, managing and analyzing hand printed and cursive data collected over a span of three years.  This research project resulted in multiple papers; however, more specifically the article titled, DEVELOPMENT OF INDIVIDUAL HANDWRITING CHARACTERISTICS IN ~1800 STUDENTS:  STATISTICAL ANALYSIS AND LIKELIHOOD RATIOS THAT EMERGE OVER AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME.

Published May 15, 2016

Specialized Trainings & Workshops

One of the most important pieces of working with forensic evidence and running a private investigation business is keeping up with ever-advancing technology and practices.  I have attended over 400 hours of specialized training and workshops sponsored by forensic organizations to continue my education in the field of Forensic Questioned Document Examinations.  Please see the downloadable document below listing all training and workshops I have completed.